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If you’re a bird, window collisions are no joke. We’re talking up to 42 million bird deaths per year in Canada all thanks to clear and reflective window glass.


But lucky you! You’re a human who can help deter deadly bird-meets-window scenarios by applying vinyl feather-friendly markers. 


BC is on the leading edge of bird strike prevention. If you’re a Vancouver developer, planner, designer or private/public landowner, you’re likely already familiar with the Bird Friendly Landscape Design Guidelines.


TINT’D offers the leading anti-bird strike product currently on the market: Feather-Friendly®. This made-to-order vinyl product is applied to exterior glass and uses markers with specialized spacing patterns for max bird protection with minimal visual impact for us humans.


TINT’D can help you make the best choice for your windows, and for the birds.



If you read the IWFA standards for installation (aka, the standard most companies go by), you’ll learn about the 6-foot rule. That means that an install passes muster if you stand 6 feet back at a particular angle and can’t see a bubble or flaw of any kind. 


We don’t think 6 feet is a great indicator, so if after the window film adhesive fully cures (30-90 days, depending on the product) and you see anything that bothers you, you give us a call. We’ll fix it, asap.


They are quick on estimates, they follow through with their word and provide a quality service. When we are looking for proposals they seem to really know their products and can articulate the specifications easily - It really helps us pass on the products for our projects. We would recommend TINT’D and Jennifer on all of our future projects.

PARTNER, Dekor Glass Ltd
From day one we were impressed with the fast response time to our quote inquiry, the products recommended, the flexibility to work under tight time constraints in order for us to make occupancy deadlines and on time for grand opening. I look forward to working with the TINT’D team again in future and highly recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable film installer.

Project Manager, Hilson Construction Ltd
I had TINT’D install solar film on my windows to reduce the heat from the afternoon summer sun. The installer arrived on time and worked as quickly as possible. He did a wonderful job and cleaned up after himself. Jennifer sent me care instructions for the window film via email. If you are thinking of solar film I would highly recommend this company. Fair price, great service and easy communication.

New Westminster
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  • You know that cutting corners won’t get you the result you want

Tell us about your project or idea and we’ll make you a custom quote––it’s really that easy.