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It’s 2023, inflation is on the rise and so is the cost of living. It’s no surprise that times are tough when it comes to finance. That’s why finding ways to save on business costs is essential. 


Regardless of the economic climate, you’ll eventually need to update your business premises either due to wear and tear, design trends or mandatory changes. So how do you keep up with these updates and save on the expense? Architectural finishes to the rescue!


Architectural film is a lightweight, self-adhesive, non-toxic finishing solution used to cover a variety of surfaces. For example: Walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, and other surfaces that are flat or curved. It’s truly a magic finish that completely changes the look and feel of the space without creating the garbage that a full renovation requires.


Here at TINT’D we love saving our clients money and keeping green by using a variety of architectural films by: 3M Di-Noc, LG Benif, Hyundai Bodaq and more. 


Construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) waste represents a significant portion (4 million tonnes or 12%) of the solid waste stream generated in Canada.

In Canada, we have a long way to go to improve how we manage our construction waste. In fact, over 30% of all plastic waste comes from the construction industry.


You can see how much CRD waste ends up in our landfills and we need to do better. One solution is to update the existing finishes you already have rather than replacing everything in your space and keeping excess product out of our landfills.



Architectural finishes are architectural films designed to impersonate the look of natural and other materials. These films adhere to most surfaces either to exterior and interior concrete walls or to glass windows and doors. Architectural films enhance the appearance of any area. Consider whether you’d want to replace ALL the cabinetry in your office space or just update the look with architectural finishes? You’ll love the transformation that occurs with the films and you’ll love the fact there’s less waste and fuss in your space, unlike a full renovation. 


In fact, it’s so easy to apply that a qualified installer can fit out a business while it remains open throughout the installation. A perfect way to update your space while also avoiding downtime for your company.


When we think of sustainability we often think of renewable energy and carbon footprint reduction. Sometimes we overlook one of the best ways to keep ourselves environmentally friendly and that’s by using what we already have. 

Architectural finishes apply directly to an existing surface, so you’re not getting rid of a piece, you’re updating it and leaving it exactly where it is. Usually a redesign includes breaking down or tearing out the elements that are already there, which create excess waste. By refinishing those same furnishings or resources you keep products out of our landfills and tick a big box for sustainability.

One thing to note is that many architectural films are made from PVC, it’s the reason they can be adhesive and super flexible. PVC isn’t the most sustainable material on the market, but the good news is that there are PVC-Free products available so be sure to ask about them when considering architectural finishes for your space.


The next time your business is looking a bit tired or in need of refreshing, consider the environment and your budget by incorporating architectural finishes to your design. Not only will there be less waste clogging up our landfills but your space will be reinvigorated without breaking the bank.  

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