Why choose Anti-Graffiti Film 


Graffiti is a problem that affects not only physical property but also our society as a whole. One way to fight back against this act of vandalism is using anti-graffiti window film which can protect windows from being etched on or stained by markers and other paints. 

Two very important considerations about anti-graffiti window film include, “How does it work?” and ‘Why should your business have this installed?’ With unprecedented unrest in our community right now we encourage all Vancouver Lower Mainland businesses to consider installing anti-graffiti film.

Anti-graffiti film protects porous hard surfaces from vandalism or “tagging.” These films create an invisible temporary physical barrier between offenders’ marks, which can be peeled off when you need to expose your original surface or peeled off to be replaced with a new one saving time. Your business will always look professional without extended downtime or unsightly destruction of property!

The optically clear & virtually invisible properties make it easy to keep clean without professional equipment. For example, household products like soap or water can be used to clean off the window film-protected glass. Even if you don’t have these on hand, the graffiti will not damage the underlying surface because of its multilayered construction!

Why your business should have the anti-graffiti film installed

These tough and transparent sheets offer affordable ways for your business’s glass surfaces to stay clean and protected. They can be replaced at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality unlike other products out there which might not last long on high-traffic surfaces. The protection is virtually invisible so there will not even appear to have been any changes made on either side of the glass when the film is applied. Other reasons for the use of anti-graffiti film include:

Easy replacement

Graffiti is a very costly offence, not just for the property it damages but also because of its negative reputation. The window film is made from special materials and can be easily removed and replaced if ever damaged so that you don’t need to worry about any consequences down the line! 

This versatility will save money in replacing windows while deterring future graffiti attacks with ease–in fact, stats suggest that 24 hours after graffiti is removed reduces the likelihood that buildings are targeted again after being hit previously. Quite simply, it will deter people from writing on your glass or scratching it to ruins, so you can enjoy clear visibility all day long!

Gouge Resistant

This product has been specially formulated to repel intentional efforts at scratching or damaging surfaces.

Acid-etch Resistant

The product stops your glass from being permanently damaged by etching solutions.

Scratch Resistant

The high-quality material of this product will help you avoid any damage from sharp objects or devices by providing protection against scratches.

Clean Removability

Removes easily without leaving any residue behind!

Indoor/Outdoor Use

The application of anti-graffiti film can be used to protect either interior or exterior locations such as glass, windows, and mirrors from scratches.

Whenever you invest in new windows, make sure they come equipped with anti-graffiti film from TINT’D Film and Graphics. The protection offered by these products extends the life of your display merchandise and interior furnishings protecting against UV rays that cause fading or destruction over time which can be a costly solution if not handled properly!  

The installation process for the new anti-graffiti film is quick and painless. Your building’s glass will look fresh 24/7 with our company’s help! TINT’D Film and Graphics provides home and business owners with the most professional graffiti film installation process and products in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. 

Our installation process also ensures that no dirt gets through which would ruin its appearance in any way! We have been around for decades, giving us invaluable experience when it comes to finishes or any other concerns you may have about your property’s window film needs! 

If you ever notice that your clear film has become scratched or etched, don’t worry because it can easily be removed and replaced with a new one by one of our experienced technicians. 

A commercial property needs to look good for customers and potential clients alike. With anti-graffiti window film, you can keep your glass looking clean with no tags or stains while also ensuring that people refrain from vandalizing the outside of your company’s building because it’s so easy to remove these pesky markings!

To see if the anti-graffiti film is right for your Greater Vancouver business, contact one of our experienced professionals today. You can reach us at 604 459 TINT (8468) or complete our contact form here.


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